2019 in 10 Noise Sounds

I’ve largely found myself listening to a small amount of music over and over again this year. Not that I found any particularly good music, just I spent more time listening to podcasts this year. I truly am becoming an old man…

But, here are the best inner-ear vibrators I could find released during said time period, in no particular order…

Tha Blue Herb (Tha Blue Herb)

Ill-bostino, O.N.O. and DJ Dye returned with their fifth out-and-out studio album. I spent much of the year listening to this, mainly as I imported the Special Edition version from Japan at great expense, therefore, I had to make sure I got my money’s worth.

It also prompted something of a Tha Blue Herb back catalogue update…


Once again, that man pops up late in he year with another solid effort. Probably something of a step down from his last 2 albums (a very strong and busy 2018), but still much listenable noises on it.

Dusty (Homeboy Sandman)

Not as much of a banger as previous efforts, but steady stuff throughout. Always good with a concept and able to keep it up for an entire album.

One of the Best Yet (Gang Starr)

It’s close to a decade since Guru passed away, and I’ve always been a bit skeptical of posthumous albums, but this being one of the better things I heard this year suggests little in the way of strength in 2019. There’s some okay stuff on here, but some odd decisions on collaborators for me and it just doesn’t have the life of their Nineties work. There’s probably a reason for that…

Various U-zhaan × 環ROY × 鎮座DOPENESS collaborations

These three have been combining well for a few years now, and some nice little collaborations continued to pop up here and there throughout the year, notably the Ryuichi Sakamoto-driven “Energy Flo” and Bunka

FNCY Clothes (FNCY)

It’s just so silly, isn’t it?!

Ride on Time (田我流)

When Dengaryu collaborates with EVISBEATS, it’s usually tasty, and “Changes” is no exception. A lovely little breezy one, in-line with much of what they’ve done before. There are also some other tidy tracks on here for your listening enjoyment. A good year from 田我流.

Guten Morgen (EVISBEATS)

That man again. And he’s been sitting in Germany quite a lot this year. Here’s a result of that…

ING (Tha Blue Herb)

Along with the new album, a couple of single were in the mix. “ING” is something of a cheesy number, but reminds of “Straight Years” and is bouncable.

Lent a föld mélyében (Funktasztikus)

This isn’t completely terrible. The Hungarian Eazy-E strikes again.

Expecting much next year? nope…

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